The website

About the purpose of this site you can read in my previous post. Here I will go through a bit about how it's build. My main tool for developing websites is Drupal and this site is built on version 6.

This is a small site and very little custom code except for the css was needed. What I had in mind when starting building a new site was just doing it fast since I did not have a lot of time for it. This is a very basic Drupal set up which is mostle built with CCK and Views. The thought behind the form which got the top left corner is to make it very easy for the visitor to make suggestions. I guess I'm having trouble to come up with the subjects myself. Some other modules used are Rules to handle functionality for the suggestions mentioned above, Imagefield crop to make it easier for myself to crop down images for the post listing and Typekit for the fonts. Not so much more than that, I hope to have time for updates soon. Image from New York subway, 6th ave station.