About me

I'm a developer with a passion for the web and I specialize in Drupal. I also develop mobile applications. I mainly write code in PHP and JavaScript but have played around with lots of other languages and techniques.

I also do some web design work and illustrations as you can see examples of on this site.


As of September 2012 I'm a freelancer again after working for web agency Kollegorna which I founded together with Tobias Sjösten, a former colleague of mine, in October 2009. At the beginning of 2010 we joined forces with Per Sandström and started taking on bigger clients. We started out from nothing but built a successful company known for our expert Drupal skills.

Before starting Kollegorna I worked as a Drupal developer at NodeOne (now Wunderkraut).

I have a Bachelor's degree with Journalism as major from Södertörn University. The progam I studied also encompassed Web design, Typography, Video production and basic web development.