New project Goalst

I got the idea of Goalst two days before the New Year. I wanted a place to keep track of my goals for 2011. I also wanted to have social functions around the lists to have people motivating each other to

So I built the site on Drupal 6 since Drupal 7 hadn't been officially released yet. The development period was really short. I haven't put a lot of hours in the project. I'm a fan of the Release early, release often philosophy. My aim was to just put it out there without having lost a lot of time if no one likes it.

Therefore I did the design while building the site. Almost only CSS with just a few icons and the logo.

So now it's out. Currently I'm thinking of improvements and what features I should add. All suggestions are very welcomed!

Here is an example list I created of my goals for my life on the web 2011.