Freelancer again

August was my last month at Kollegorna, the web agence I co-founded three years ago. First of all I'd like to say thank you to Per, Tobias, Joakim and Andreas for the awesome times we've had. You guys rock!

Running a web agency has been a great experience with lots of wonderful memories. We created a company to be proud of and built some great web sites.

There are lots of reasons that I'm leaving and one of the bigger is that I just felt done and ready for something new.

Another reason is to have more time for side projects. Something we had as a goal when starting the agency, but naturally clients always came first. Besides freelancing I will work together with my friend Tobias Sjösten and finally realizing some of our web projects we just haven't had time for. If you understand Swedish you can follow our adventures at our blog Interversum (soon to go live).

I wish Per and Joakim the best of luck together with their new colleague Henrik.

Also I now hope to have more time to keep this blog better updated :)