My first Android application built with Phonegap

My first Android application is now up on Android Market. It's a very simple application that let's you keep track of Facebook likes and Twitter tweets for y
I've been interested in building something with Phonegap for quite awhile now. The last week I finally took the time and it ended up in my first Android application. Phonegap let's you use html/css and javascript for building applications for touch devices. For me that's really great since I don't know Java or Objective-c. I also used jQuery mobile to simplify the work and I used one of the built in themes for the design. The application let's you add sites that uses Facebook like or Twitter buttons and gives you the count of how many people have used the buttons for the specified URL. I think that the whole process from getting the developing environment up to have the application up on Android Market took me 10 to 15 hours. It was great fun and now I'm looking forward to built something more advanced next.